Welcome to Time of the Month Club!

Thanks for visiting Time of the Month Club.
We’re here for people who want to do something tangible and meaningful for people who are homeless. If you’re that person, you’ve found the right place!

We do two things. First, we collect menstrual supplies – tampons, pads, and underwear – for women who are homeless. We accept financial donations and we help people organize donation drives at their place of work, faith community, or club. In 2016, we collected over 26,000 tampons and pads and 600 pairs of underwear for women staying in Milwaukee emergency shelters and living on the street under bridges, in cars, and in our local parks.

Second, we collect new socks for men, women, and children who are homeless. Again, we accept financial donations but we also help people do donation drives. Donation drives are great – not only are a lot of socks collected, but new people get sensitized to the needs of people who are homeless. People’s attitudes change when they think that maybe that ‘homeless guy’ they pass on the street might be wearing a pair of socks they donated.

Our basic idea is this: We can’t change the world. We can’t solve the problem of homelessness. But we can do this: provide period supplies and socks to homeless people who need them. Let’s do this one thing together. Join us!

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