Time of the Month Club – Menstrual Supplies for Homeless Women

October 2018 Community Donation Drive

Women who are homeless still have their periods. In addition to having no place to live, worrying about their safety, looking after their children, and trying to put together a plan, homeless women must find menstrual supplies – somewhere, somehow. On any given night, an estimated 500 women are homeless in Milwaukee – living in shelters or on the street. Many are having their periods and many have no menstrual supplies

Menstrual supplies are expensive. The average woman uses 5 tampons or pads a day for the duration of her period. The average period is 5-7 days, requiring 25-35 tampons or pads at an average cost of $7-$11. Not a lot of money? It is if you’re homeless. Then you are forced to go without or make do. This is embarrassing, humiliating, and unhealthy.

You can help. Here’s how.

  • Donate menstrual supplies. We welcome donations of pads, tampons, pantyliners, and new women’s underwear. Donate on your own or organize a donation drive.
  • Donate money. Cash allows us to buy menstrual supplies in bulk. Login to PayPal and donate to MilwaukeeTMC@gmail.com. Donations go directly to our TMC PayPal account.
  • Donate via our Amazon Time of the Month Club Wish List. It’s easy and fast. All donations come directly to TMC for distribution.

Supplies are distributed directly to women who are homeless. We distribute donated supplies via Milwaukee homeless shelters and street outreach. Every single tampon and pad goes directly to a woman who is homeless. We make a difference in women’s lives right away!

Time of the Month Club, Inc. is a nonprofit 401 (c) 3 organization founded by Jan Wilberg in 2012. Contact Jan at jwilberg@wi.rr.com to find a donation site, request a donation box, or get more info. Watch our progress and keep up with news – follow TMC on Facebook!